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 Leveraging Technology


Majestic MRSS Ltd., is Asia’s largest full service, independent Market Research Institute and works with the innovation teams of research agencies and high end clients across the region.


Some of our unique highlights are:

  • Large150 seat CATI facility with worldwide calling capability
  • 50 seat CATI facility in Philippine and 25 seat CATI facility in Guangzhou, China
  • State-of-the-art Qualitative research facilities ( 15 across 9 countries)
  • We offer video-Streaming worldwide (Focus Vision and AVG)
  • Eye Tracking Equipment and Face Recognition software
  • Capability to conduct online Focus Groups and BBFG’s
  • Large Online Research Panel Company.

Our continuing endeavour is to utilize technology in market research to increase the reliability and validity of our findings.

Majestic MRSS offers state-of-the-art Facilities:
  • Fully equipped Research rooms
  • Flexible FG rooms – can be converted to mock stores
  • Observation room for at least 15 participants
  • Client Lounge for at least 15 clients
  • Waiting area for the participants
  • Professional simultaneous translation during the sessions

Designed to allow comfortable interaction with any type of device or service, including websites, cell phones, paper documents, and product prototypes.

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