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Our Asia Pacific Strengths
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 Our Asia Pacific Strengths

  • Asia’s largest Independent Full Service Market Research firm with office presence in countries like China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Philippines & Indonesia.
  • Quality Experienced Field team presence in other countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Oman, Cambodia, Australia, Turkey, Tunisia, South Korea, Japan, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Iran, Malaysia.
  • ISO 9000 Certified
  • Mutual and Long term working relationship with leading international companies from various sectors.
  • More than 70 CATI stations across the Asia-pacific & Gulf.
USA UK Canada China
Russia Israel Middle East (Including Gcc) South Africa
Mexico Japan Philippines Malaysia
Pakistan Germany France Italy
New Zealand Belgium/Lux Chile Netherlands
Portugal Spain Iran Vietnam
Sri Lanka Bangladesh Nepal Afghanistan
Iraq Thailand Denmark  
Mumbai Baroda Delhi Pune
Kolkatta Kanpur Chennai Ahmedabad
Hyderabad Cuttack Bangalore Trivandrum
Nasik Lucknow Noida Bhopal
Indore Cochin Jaipur Nagpur
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