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Strategic Partnerships

 Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with Vision Critical provides our clients with access to the best of breed online community panel technology.

As an official Certified Partner, Majestic has access to Vision Critical’s suite of tools, including its benchmark software, Sparq™, the most advanced and widely used online community panel platform in the world.


If you have a mobile app and are not sure of how it is being used, Curious will tell you! Curious Analytics software monitors system level behavior passively on IOS and Android devices. What apps are used? How long are they used? Where are they used? This tool helps make data-driven decisions about mobile strategy, tactics, and products.

Eye tracking has become an extremely powerful tool in market research. Knowing what people see and - more important - what they miss is the key to an effective marketing campaign which turns people into buyers. Eye tracking allows us to stop guessing and use the unique features to get proof into people's attention and behavior. Eye tracking solutions are used in a wide variety of different research fields - from commercial usability and market research studies to scientific psychology and vision research. MRSS India offers remote and wearable tracking solutions.

Perception Analyzer Online is a full-featured online survey platform that reimagined Dialsmith's offline Perception Analyzer methodology to allow for continuous online feedback to video material. The result is a more engaging and in-depth respondent experience combined with powerful analytic tools such as Moment-to-Moment video overlays and full data export for deeper analysis.

Neuromarketing measures consumers' immediate, subconscious responses to stimuli without asking a single question. Participants wear state-of the - art EEG headsets that measure the brain's response to the given stimuli.

Tracking technology that can follow tiny movements of selected facial features. The location of those feature points is translated to the 6 basic emotional states - happiness, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, disgust.

India Briefing is a part of Asia Briefing's portfolio that is dedicated to cover investment, business, legal, tax and HR updates relevant for foreign investors in India. Its technical publications concerning business and investment improve the understanding and transparency of investing across India and Asia. Established in 1999, Asia Briefing Ltd has been providing individuals and enterprises with the latest business and regulatory news and expert commentary on conducting business in emerging Asia. Asia Briefing, the publishing house is a fully-owned subsidiary of Dezan Shira & Associates - a specialty foreign direct investment consulting firm with presence in Pan-Asia, Europe and US. Some of the core values that have driven the firm to develop and thrive within markets that can be often difficult to navigate for foreign investors include diligence, perseverance, innovation and creativity.

RedJade is a Sensory Software Suite that allows collecting data using web technology. All types of sensory tests for eg. Triangle Test, Acceptance Test, Descriptive Panel Test can be done using this software. RedJade helps in data centralization, all test data is stored in one data base regardless of testing location. Red Jade helps in keeping data accurate, even if a product is skipped in a survey then the system automatically adapts - no dummy data and no human interaction. One can create projects, surveys, and analyses in RedJade and share that information with partners around the globe and have them collect the data. It also gives Multiple Language Support as the survey can be created in one language and deployed in any other language. Results can be viewed live as the testing happens in any part of the globe.

MRSS India Ltd. has selected 'Shopmetrics' as one of the partner platforms. Shopmetrics is an innovative solutions provider for services involved in data collection and analysis. This product is positioned to perfectly fit the needs of mystery shopping vertical; it will help MRSS clients to witness significant cost savings and improved efficiency. Shopmetrics offers technology platform solutions to mystery shopping and market research providers worldwide. Their products such as the Shopmetrics mystery shopping platform, MobiAudit mobile scheduling and data-collection app, and Surveo survey collection and reporting suite are in use in over 100 countries across the globe. Their objective is to deliver the best in class platform for any research data collection processing analysis and action management projects.

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